Our extra virgin olive oil from organic farming is extracted from olives of Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino, the traditional Tuscan mix that in symbiosis with the microclimate and the cultivation technique personally supervised by us owners with scrupulous attention, you make it unmistakable the organoleptic properties of high quality. Our quality is achieved through careful cultivation of organic farming in the old Tuscan olive tradition, with total exclusion of chemicals.
Stuff to do not neglect to get an oil dall'esaltato fruity aroma, with a slight aftertaste of bitter and spicy, low acidity (average 0.1-0.3% by weight expressed as oleic acid). The oil is extracted within a maximum of 12-24 hours from the olive harvest, by squeezing in a continuous cycle, handled by highly qualified cooperative mill certified ISO 9001-2000 and then packaged. Our company adheres to the specification of the Tuscan Oil Consortium, of which it owns recognition oil Protected Geographical Indication IGP TOSCANO.


The extra virgin "sassetta" organic and 'a plurievarietale extracted from olives of variety' "frantoiana" for a 50%, "Leccino", for a 30% "moraiolo" 15%, "Pendolino", the 5% traditional Tuscan mix that in symbiosis with the microclimate and the technique of organic farming, personally supervised by us owners with scrupulous attention and total exclusion of chemicals make it distinctive properties' organoleptic of the highest quality.
Oil of very low acidity ', on average 0,1 - 0,3% by weight of oleic acid, the visual dense semiviscoso a green pod with excellent golden reflections, the scent of freshly cut grass and chopped olive just worked green and steady.
In the mouth and 'soft, delicate presence of amro and spicy but not aggressive, not too sweet overall great taste balance and excellent aromatic pungency.
Especially recommended for salads, fish and vegetable soups.


The extra virgin "olive press sassetta" organic and 'a single variety extracted exclusively from olives of variety' "frantoiana" harvested early, still green with a small percentage of turning color.
The focus for the collection period and the crushing which must take place in a maximum of 6 hours from the collection itself, allow you to get this oil of excellent quality 'particularly appreciated by restaurateurs and consumers who got to taste it.
Oil of very low acidity ', 0.1- 0.2% expressed by weight of oleic acid, the visual semiviscoso a green pod with light towards yellow canary, the smell attracts the smell of fresh grass just mowed and the artichoke, immediately aromatic and pungent. in the mouth delicate, slightly bitter with spicy aromatic pungenze like spices, chili and pepper typical of the variety '. particularly tasty and tangy, green and decided it is recommended for meats and grilled vegetables, soups, beans and boiled vegetables.

Video Production Oil The Sassetta with images from Drone.


A farm and agriturismo on a 73,000 m2 estate in the rolling hills of Bibbona,on the Etruscan Coast, 6 km from the sea. The estate is cultivated with organic vines, olive trees, a small vegetable garden and a family orchard, and there is also a farm shop.

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